Your Story…

Not everyone thinks of themselves as a writer. However writing for yourself, putting your story into words, can be quite therapeutic.  This section is designed to help you get started putting your story and the story of your little one or little ones into writing.

When doing this kind of writing it can be helpful to remember that you are doing this for you.  It does not matter if anyone else ever sees your writing. Do not think to much at first about what is going on paper, you can always go back later and edit and re-write if you desire, just let the words come.

Write for as long or as short as you want.  Don’t be afraid of the tears that may come. And most of all be gentle with yourself as you take this journey…

The following are some questions to help you get started.

What were the circumstances surrounding the beginning of the pregnancy? Was it planned? Unplanned? Exciting? Terrifying?

What feelings did you have as the pregnancy began and unfolded before you?

What hopes and dreams did you have for your little one?

If you named your little one, why was the name chosen?

What do you remember about when you found out your little one had died/was going to die?  What feelings do you remember?  Who was with you? What was the doctor/medical staff like?

What was it like to leave the hospital?

How did you say good-bye to your little one?

Was there anything special done at the hospital/doctor’s office that was meaningful?

How did this affect your faith/beliefs/relationship with God?

Who/what was most helpful to you?

What has been hurtful?  What helped provide healing from that hurt?

How would you like your little one remembered?

What healing have you gained to this point?

Other thoughts/feelings/experiences that are unique to your experience.

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