About Still A Mother…


LesStill a Mother Book Coversons from Loss to Help Women Heal and Grow in God

 Women of various ages, cultures, and ethnicities find themselves belonging to a “secret society” that they neither elected to serve nor volunteered to join. These are women who have experienced the death of a child. And because this topic is often considered taboo, these women can feel isolated, ashamed, and confused.

Still A Mother is a collection of incredibly honest, personal narratives written by clergywomen who have experienced perinatal or early infant loss. These women share their experiences with grief, feelings about God and ministry, and what ultimately is helping them heal. By sharing their stories, they let other women know they are not alone.

Not just for women, this book also features practical ministry insights for clergy, chaplains, counselors, and others who care for women who have sustained loss.


“This unique combination of personal memoir … with practical wisdom for ministry with sensitivity and skillfulness makes this book a resource for healing and hope. I welcome this important contribution to pastoral care literature with the hope that it will be widely read and enrich many lives.” —From the Foreword

Purchase your copy at Judson Press or Amazon.


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